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So Proud of My Dad

My dad has worked at his company for 40 years.  Not a typo – FORTY YEARS!!!  Nowadays that’s pretty unheard of.  To honor his contributions, Covidien (which has at various times during my dad’s tenure been, or been part of, Tyco Healthcare, Colgate and Kendall) named a laboratory for my dad.  Only two other people have their names on facilities in the building – the founder of the company and the president/CEO of the company  (i.e. this is a big deal).  My dad was expecting the customary anniversary party with cake and soda so was completely blown away by this impressive but well-deserved surprise. Congratulations Dad! I’m so proud you’re my dad.

Ryan - Congratulations to Harish! I had the honor of working with Harish in 1999. During the time I spend as a Lab Technician Harish always shared his wisdom and knowledge. He once said to me “You have to be like a sponge.” That will always stick with me reminding me to continue to learn.

Andre B - Congrats to your father! That’s cool you document things like this for your family :)

Rajesh patel - Proud to be a PATEL

The Patels in India - Super Achievement! A much deserved one for one of the very few down to earth persons I have known till date! Congratulations Harishmasa from all of us out here..

– Dr GN Patel & Family

Minnie - What a special day!!! What a wonderful way to honor an amazing person! :)

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