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Coney Island Adventures

I’ve lived in New York City now for almost a decade and until a month ago, I had never been to Coney Island. When I travel to new places, I try to check as many sites and attractions off the list as possible, but I seem to get extraordinarily lazy when I’m at home. It’s a bit pathetic really. Luckily Kirra Cheers, a friend and fellow photographer, recently moved to NYC from Australia and has helped kick my butt into gear. She writes a travel blog called Tempting Alice and is always game for new adventures, so we packed our cameras and headed out on the F line for an afternoon at Coney Island (check out her post from our day). And I’m so happy we did – it was awesome. Even though it’s only a short subway ride from downtown Manhattan, it feels so much father away – decades away in fact. New York City is always on the move but Coney Island seems frozen in time. Hopefully I’ll be back there before another ten years go by, even though I have a feeling it’ll look much the same in 2022.

Tiffany - Beautiful murals! Amazing shots on the rides indeed. That is a great place for fun and adventure. :)

Kirra Cheers - Yay! Was such a fun day. Lovely pics Priya. Takes me right back there.x

Minnie - Love the movement captured in the photos of the rides! Makes me want to visit also! Fun!

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