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Central Park Engagement Photographer – Ben & Megan

Ben and Megan are two of the nicest people I know, and I’m so excited they’re getting married.  When they first told me that they wanted to do their engagement shoot in Central Park, I was really excited and, to be honest, a bit nervous. Central Park is a very popular spot for wedding and engagement photos, and it can be difficult to avoid inadvertently taking the same photographs everyone else takes. Each person sees the world a bit differently and part of what I love about photography is being able to share the unique way I see things. So for this shoot, I challenged myself to forget every photo I have already seen of Central Park and shoot it my way. (Given that we didn’t run into any other photographers on a beautiful Saturday afternoon, I think it worked.)

Wasio - Wonderful place, beautiful couple and breath taking work!

Serena Severtson - This is such a beautiful + unique Central Park engagement session. Great work! :)

Michael Wachniak - Great set of images, and amazing color!

tim riddick - oh my word. these are wonderful.

Jennifer - Love all the leafy goodness! Beautiful images — and her red dress looks fantastic amid the greens and dark windows.

Veronica Varos - My jaw dropped when I saw the images of them in front of the window. My goodness, you absolutely did an AMAZING job. The lighting, the setting, the couple – wow. Just wow. :)

Steve Koo - Great stuff, Priya. Love the last frame!

Courtney J. Thomas - after reading your description and scrolling past the first photo my initial thought was “success!” you definitely succeeded in your attempt to create original portraits in Central Park. and I can’t get over just how perfect that second photograph is.

Jason Mize - This is such a great engagement session, and yes, I definitely think that it’s way different than most Central Park sessions. I love your use of light and their romantic portraits, great job!

Natalie - I love the joyful stillness to these images… Beautiful!

Graeme Crawford - Priya – just like you said it looks totally different to many other Central Park shoots, you’ve avoided the cliche and really drawn attention to the obviously strong love and tenderness that’s going on here! Minnie is right, ethereal really is the best word to describe the feeling I get from these fab photos.

Minnie - This is such a beautiful composition of photos! The vivid colors in the color photos are just wonderful, and the black and white photos are just so amazing also. This session conveys an almost ethereal happiness. What a wonderful collection of photos for this couple!

Amber Hughes - Love the feel of this set. Really great use of locations and angles :)

Kellee Walsh - Beautiful Priya! I love how relaxed the whole session feels.

Johnboy Wilson - I love the way you compose your photos, so much variety in this set, awesome work!

Tricia - totally ad worthy…holy crow

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