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Time for Three

I recently hopped the train down to Philly to take some promo shots for Time for Three‘s upcoming album release. Time for Three is a classically-trained garage band and they’re all-around awesome – not only are they incredibly talented musicians but they’re also a very fun group of guys. So fun in fact that I had to be wary of camera shake since I was laughing so much during the shoot… We got a bunch of great photos but I particularly like the stairway series below. (I had some fun with photoshop for the fifth one.)

coler - Ass-kicking compositions. Huge fan.

Fotograf ślubny Lublin - Gorgeous photos! :)

ALMA // - Awesome!

Amber Wilkie - These. are. sick.

Teresa K - Sick!!

Kelsie Taylor - love the contrast and creative perspective of these. :)

Minnie - So cool-these photos would make great album covers! Such a great use of stairs and people to convey the movement.

Kellee Walsh - Love the whole set! Brilliant location!

Marianne Taylor - Such cool use of architecture. I just love all the lines, and the b&w tones and gorgeous.

Karen - Love the graphic quality of these.

Heather Elizabeth - 4th from the bottom frame is absolutely killer! I am sure they loved their images. Amazing work.

small - Great compositions! That 5th shot is very cool.

Leah Muse - Love how many different, cool shots you got around one little area!

The Brants Visit

I love the summer in New York City – particularly because it often means visitors.  And I especially love it when family visits.  My in-laws recently came through NYC, and my husband and mother-in-law were kind enough to put up with my and my father-in-law’s photographic exuberance.  (My father-in-law is also an avid photographer.) Here are a few shots from a Brooklyn walkabout one evening.

Ross Irlam - Nice photography! I especially like the effect of the light and dark areas in the third one. Talented!

Minnie - Love the lines and shadows you’ve captured in these photos!

El - Love the last one especially Priya, beautiful xoxo

Me & Pinterest

Like many people, I’ve recently discovered the joys of Pinterest. Pre-Pinterest, I would browse the internet, find an image that I love, and then bookmark it or, in most instances, forget about it. With Pinterest, I finally have my virtual, basically one-click inspiration board.

Over the past eight months, I’ve been taking courses at the International Center of Photography. In one course, we started each class with a student bringing in a photo. The class would sit around the table and discuss everything from why we liked it or didn’t like it to how exactly the photographer positioned her flashes. It’s amazing what you can learn about photography from just looking at photos. And I mean really looking at photos. As a photographer, I’m always trying to find my own style and voice. But as part of this process, it’s invaluable to find images that inspire me and dissect why.

So that’s what Pinterest is for me. A place to gather my inspiration and when I have a free hour or so, a place to return to and figure out why I’m inspired. A couple weeks ago, I took it to the next level and decided to combine some of the techniques I had noticed in my Pinterest collection and do my first self-portrait. So here it is. If you want to see what’s capturing my eye at the moment, follow me.

Mrudula - Very nice picture. Mom

New York City Portrait Photographer – Marcella

Marcella contacted me a couple weeks ago to take some professional portraits of her around the city. Marcella represents classical musicians through her agency The Royal Wigs. She was a great model – no complaints despite my continuously stealing away her scarf and on occasion her coat and sweater on a cold, drizzly January afternoon. Our shoot started in the West Village and ended up on the Highline.